Wednesday, 10 December 2014

18th Birthday Bash

It was my 18th birthday on the fourth of November and I had a fantastic birthday party in Egypt with all my favorite people.

It was an absolutely brilliant night. Gaz and Peco played an acoustic set with their comedy thrown in. I even got up and did a few songs myself! I was surrounded by all my favorite people. We were all laughing and chatting and drinking (of course, it was my 18th after all.) 

After Gaz and Peco's first set, my mum surprised me by booking some fire dancers and one of the dancers gave me a red rose. It was such a thoughtful gesture, my mum knows I adore the fire dancers. 

And after they had I was asked to get on stage where my mum gave my a huge bunch of flowers and I blew the candles on my cake out. Safe to say I cried like a baby.

As soon as I pulled myself together, the band came on for their second set and everyone was drunk enough to dance embarrassingly for the entirety of the set and even afterwards when DJ Tommy took over.
Eventually I became too drunk to even continue dancing and was finally, and very carefully carried home where I collapsed happily into bed.

I can't imagine a better way to have spent my 18th birthday or anyone I would have rather spent it with. I'm really grateful for everything I have in life and this night just highlighted that for me.

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