Thursday, 5 March 2015

Apple Tree - Introducing Apple - 6 weeks and 4 days

So, as anyone that has me on social media may know, I got a puppy earlier this week. I really want to document her growing up and any adventures she might have. Also, I know my mum would really love to be here to watch her develop into a mighty pooch. So this is the first post in the brand new section of my blog: Apple Tree. I hope these posts make you fall in love with her as much as I already have.

This is baby Apple.

Steffen and myself decided we wanted a dog. He wanted a french bulldog and I wanted a pug, neither of which are cheap to get in this country. And with all the street dogs and puppies in rescue centers it didn't seem fair to get a pedigree. 

Around the end of February word reached us that someone we knew had a litter of puppies. We went to visit and I soon as I laid eyes on that pile of tiny black pooches I HAD to have one.

A week or so later I took my mum to see the puppies and picked out a small female with a funny, short tail. As I held her she began nibbling on my chin and I just fell in love, she was so gentle and quiet!

On Tuesday the 3rd of March we picked up baby Apple!

Now after four days Apple seems to have well and truly settled into her new home.

She currently enjoys biting feet, hiding under the sofa, playing with daddy and cuddling mummy. And she's already kind of getting the idea that she's not allowed to pee on the rug. Although the understanding that chewing the table is naughty isn't sinking in as fast!

Having a puppy is a huge responsibility but the happiness Apple brings makes the bite marks on my feet and cleaning up dog poop at 3am in the morning totally worth it.

Me and Apple hoped you enjoyed reading this post and we shall keep you updated.

P.S I just can't stop taking pictures of how adorable she is so I hope you enjoy those too.

Rhiannon. xox

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